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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy from REVOGUE 


  1. How do I know if my purchase is authentic?

All of our goods are authentic. At revogue, that’s our first priority—and all of our items go through an extensive authentication process so that we can make this guarantee.

First, we do a preliminary inspection of the item from photos, only accepting handbags that reach our standard of quality and appear to be authentic. After the handbag passes this test, we examine the item in person. We work with experienced fashion professionals to analyze the details of the handbag, looking at stitching, measurements, and stamps that are consistent across a given designer. We also consider sales receipts and serial numbers. If needed, we work with a certified authenticity expert to give a final opinion.

Our promise to you is 100% authenticity guaranteed. If you have questions about the authenticity, please reach out.


  1. How can I know if my purchase is new or pre-owned—and the condition of it? Can I see my chosen item before buying?

We designate all of our handbags by their condition and ownership status. On each page, we outline detailed descriptions about the bag itself, its measurements, the designer and the condition. Our handbags range in condition from pre/loved fair to new and we always describe any flaws so there are no surprises.

If you would like to see the item before purchasing, we can arrange to bring the item to you if you are located in the United Arab Emirates.


  1. How are you able to offer such attractive prices for items that are in great shape?

Good question. At revogue, we buy and consign pre-owned handbags so that you pay less than full retail. We make sure that all of our items are in good condition, so even though the handbags are not all new, you will not be sacrificing quality for our amazing prices.


  1. Tell me about where you ship, and it works with shipping and import duties (if any).

Everywhere! Although based in the United Arab Emirates, we ship all over the world. We charge a shipping rate starting $30 to $40 for international purchases. We promise free shipping on purchases over $4,000 inside the UAE. Our prices do not include import duties to your country. You may or may not be charged a customs duty fee depending on the value of your item. 


  1. Can I return or exchange my purchase? How do your returns work?

Unfortunately, we do not accept return items since many items are consigned, but we could offer exchanges in certain circumstances. If you have questions about your purchase, feel free to reach out to discuss options.


How to Sell with REVOGUE 

  1. I'd like to sell my designer handbag(or another item). Which luxury items do you accept? Do you buy items from all over the world?

Sure! We accept luxury handbags from a range of designers. From Chanel and Hermès, to Louis Vuitton and Gucci, we accept only the best designers—and only authentic designer products. Handbags can be new or gently used. The items must be in good condition with only minor marks. We will inspect pictures of your item to ensure high quality and examine the product to make sure it is authentically designer.

At this time, we only purchase handbags from buyers in the Middle East region. Reach out to show us your product. Please do not reach out if your item is fake.


  1. Do you buy items for cash upfront?

It’s up to you! When you sell us your handbag, we offer you an option; you can either receive cash or consign your item. When you instantly sell your handbag, we will pay you between 40-60% of what we sell your item for. There are exceptions. If you opt for instant purchase, the item must be in very good condition and cannot be a vintage piece. We also do not offer direct purchase for certain designers. 

We also offer in-store credit for you sold item. The in-store credit is 10% higher than the direct purchase offer.

If you decide to consign your item to us, we will pay you after the sale for up to 75% of the final sale’s price. 


  1. How long will it take for you to sell my item—and what are the next steps?

It varies. Selling products can take a range of time, from a week to a few months. We work directly with you and will keep you updated on the sales process of your item.

If you decide to consign your item, we will pay you three days after the handbag is delivered to the buyer. 

As we offer installment plans for our buyers, your item can be sold on installment. In such case you will get paid at the end of your consignment period. 


  1. How do you decide on the sales price?

It depends on a few factors. When we receive a new item, we study the history of the bag’s prices and the popularity of the item. Iconic bags, like the Classic Chanel or Hermes Birkin, are timeless, and worth a lot. We also research the selling prices of pre-owned bags—and try to beat out competitions’ prices. Finally, we take into account the condition of the bag. We pride ourselves on having the best prices.



The trademarks and brand names listed and sold on "revogue" are properties of their companies. "revgoue" is neither partnered or affiliated with any of the brands. "revogue's" items are pre-owned and are sourced from individual sellers.

We do not collaborate or represent any brand. Our items have been authenticated by our in-house professionals. None of the brands we sell participate in "revogue's authentication process.

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